Mission possible

Mission Scentventure is a revolutionary way to keep your dog fit, healthy and happy at home. Learn physically active and mentally stimulating exercises that are as tiring as a walk to make your reactive, excitable or stressed dog calmer and happier. Scentventure builds confidence in nervous dogs and slows down 100mph dogs.

You can do the activities on walks too, giving dogs something familiar to do – great for dogs that lack confidence or are easily distracted. 

Walks are more enjoyable when you no longer need to worry about control and safety, when instead of ignoring you, your dog focuses on you and listens. 

I designed Scentventure to help my own nervous and reactive rescue dog Lao, when I couldn't find any suitable classes. Now I've taken the four key elements of my in-person Scentventure classes and adapted them to create a fun, themed online course.

Adventure awaits

Scentventure helps reactive and easily distracted dogs feel calmer, more confident and focused.

Discover the four cornerstones of Scentventure

  • Scentwork – for calm, focus and confidence

  • Environment – for physical wellbeing

  • Exploration – for mental wellbeing

  • Partnership – for trust, bond, relationship and focus

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Adventure Begins at Home

Mission Scentventure introduces dogs to the world of climbing, balancing, crawling and going over, under and around. That hoover, washing basket and dining room chair? All obstacles in your quest. Learn environmental and animal skills such as Bear, Rabbit, Valley and Traverse - all using everyday items you already have in your house. Your mission is about to begin.
Scentventure begins at home

How I support you

While the training exercises are brilliant for our dogs, one of the greatest things about Dogwood clubs and courses is the close-knit supportive community we share.

  • Private online learning platform. Simple and clear lessons that break each exercise down so you can easily follow – even if you’ve never done any dog training before. Lifetime access so you can re-watch any time.

  • Exclusive community Facebook group. A brand new close-knit community for support and socialising.

  • Email support because not everyone uses Facebook

  • Four webinar recordings for extra information, tips and troubleshooting

  • Feedback. Submit your own videos or training questions so you and your dog can progress with the guidance of a professional dog trainer.


Scentventure Guide

Katie Guastapaglia

Scentventure Guide, qualified dog trainer, scentwork instructor and Canine Enrichment Specialist, Katie runs Dogwood Adventure Play, the UK's first Scentventure Park for dogs. In her previous role as Campaigns Officer at Dogs Trust she travelled across the North of England offering training, behaviour, enrichment, health and legal advice to hundreds of dog owners every week and developing new campaigns for responsible dog ownership. A strong advocate of rescue dogs, Katie volunteered at Battersea Dogs Home before joining the Dogs Trust Head Office team where she helped deliver the campaign to parliament for compulsory microchipping. Katie works hard to improve the lives of the people and dogs in her community and believes that reward-based training and enrichment are key to a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Your mission is about to begin

Join your new team mates and start having more fun with your dog.